Your team for human ressource management and organizational development

The team…

Actively and sustainably designing the future as a team working on the basis of conviction and competence

… and who’s behind it:

An innovative team of psychologists,

pioneers in Germany in terms of the development of strategic PD concepts, Development Centres, Assessment Centres, mentoring circles and assessment systems.

… for psychological…


As psychologists, we bring the psychological perspective to bear within organisations.

…and what’s in it for you:

Customised solutions for your HR strategy with tailored tools and sustainable processes, anchored within your organisation at all levels, including the international level.



Management succeeds in striking a balance between staff development and creation of value added. This is our vision…

…and how it shapes us

Vision is the future in people’s minds – development needs time:
we design your vision into HR-strategy as a participatory process and take the time required to win and empower management to implement it.